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09 February 2020 Posted by 


Confidence being eroded, says expert
ANXIETY in the boardroom is a key component in crippling many businesses according to an expert on corporate leadership.

Dr Louise Mahler says anxiety is not just destroying confidence and stalling potential in Australian’s personal lives – it is crippling those in business.

A highly respected corporate leadership expert, commentator and author, Dr Mahler said contradictory current US research was misconceived and underestimated the reality in Australia.

“While the real statistics are hidden behind a shield of shame, the reality is that more like four in five corporate executives experience regular boardroom performance anxiety that stops them from expressing themselves and their opinion. And it’s worse for women,” she said.

“I see people come to me literally frozen with fear, unable to breath or speak with panic. As a result, they avoid media, delegate stake holder engagements to others and generally sabotage their influence and potential.

“It is professionally, financially and personally debilitating and yet many so-called successful professionals are reluctant to do something about it.

“This is heartbreaking as there are easy strategies and skills I can teach these people to not only get their confidence back in track but their careers too. The solution is in their grasp. You just have to know how.”

Having 20 years experience working with Australia’s top corporate leaders, Dr Mahler said she had noticed a dangerous focus on solutions that were actually adding to the problem.

“Taking a deep breath and relaxing is a catastrophe for someone in immediate panic. I help people understand that this is a disaster and that the answer is actually to breathe out.

“In this way, you are moving energy from the upper body to the lower body, thus freeing the ability to speak and breathe. This is just one tactic I know absolutely works. I have so many more.”

Dr Mahler’s tactics include:

• Move: The body freezes if you have performance anxiety. You must move – it is imperative!
• Breathe out: Don’t just puff. Actually, blow air out. This acts like a computer reset by kicking the diaphragm back into action.
• Gesture: Moving the arms wide off the body releases the diaphragm.
• Adopt a neutral position: This is a safe space to regather thought.
• Use a mantra: The panicked mind easily moves to negatives. A mantra such as “this is a great opportunity” helps bring it back.

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