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Bonnie Hurrell, seated at the front, with her school friends at Avoca Beach Public School. Bonnie Hurrell, seated at the front, with her school friends at Avoca Beach Public School. Featured
13 April 2024 Posted by 


Best friend Sienna forever grateful
NINE-year-old Avoca Beach Public School student Bonnie Hurrell has a huge heart, shaving her long locks for seriously ill best friend Sienna.
“No one knows how long she will be in the hospital for. Just imagine not seeing your family or your pets every day,” Bonnie said.
Sienna, 10, has been diagnosed with leukemia and after seeing the World’s Greatest Shave advertisement on TV one night while watching a movie with family, Bonnie begged mum Joanne to sign her up.
At school on Friday, March 15, in front of her family and friends, while Sienna watched on Facetime, a friend shaved Bonnie’s hair raising an initial $1,000 that recently ballooned to over $25,000.
Bonnie’s fundraiser for Sienna on behalf of the Leukemia Foundation is now ranked sixth in the Top 10 Highest Fundraisers from among 4,566 participants in NSW and 14,804 across Australia.
A Richard Crookes Construction company manager in Sydney, Andrew Buchanan, currently tops the board with $76,800 while the total donation pool totalled $9.3 million as of this week.
The foundation holds The World’s Greatest Shave fundraising event every year to assist more than 140,000 Australians facing blood cancer right now.
The foundation said Bonnie is their youngest benevolent participant helping them provide practical and emotional support to cancer patients and contribute to funding ongoing medical research until treatment is found.
The school headmaster, Ben Thomas even agreed to shave his hair if Bonnie hits $15,000, thus her parents, other family members and school staff shaved theirs as well.
Residents joined Bonnie’s fundraiser for Sienna, some donating their long tresses to make wigs for those with cancer and had lost their hair from bouts of chemotherapy treatments.
Sienna’s mother sent a message which said: “Bonnie’s shave day was the happiest day for the family, it lifted Sienna’s spirits.”
Bonnie is also excited when contacted by her favourite football team, the Manly Sea Eagles inviting her and her family to attend their game and go on the pitch to help form the guard of honour.
“Bonnie is now walking confidently with her short hair and not once has said she wishes she had long hair,” Mrs Hurrell said.
“She is just so proud of herself and has a huge amount of love and admiration for her brave friend Sienna.”
Anyone wishing to help the foundation and Bonnie and her friend Sienna, visit  


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