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Dr Gordon Reid MP Member for Robertson and Emma McBride MP, Member for Dobell. Dr Gordon Reid MP Member for Robertson and Emma McBride MP, Member for Dobell. Featured
29 January 2024 Posted by 


Find out HERE how much you'll get
THE Federal Labor Government is delivering a tax cut for taxpayers on the Central Coast starting on July 1.
Labor’s new tax cuts are designed to provide cost-of-living relief to middle Australia while making our tax system fairer.
Around 135,000 people – every taxpayer on the Central Coast will receive a tax break from July 1 under Labor’s better tax cuts announced by the Prime Minister and Treasurer.
The average tax cut will be $1,580 in Robertson and $1,430 in Dobell.
Around 56,000 people in Robertson and 61,000 people in Dobell, or 85% per cent of taxpayers in Robertson and 88% in Dobell, will receive a bigger tax cut than they would have under the plan Scott Morrison legislated five years ago.
The average Australian wage earner on $73,000 per annum will receive a tax cut of $1,504 which is more than $800 extra in their pocket each year than they would have received under Scott Morrison’s proposal.
To find out how much you will benefit from Labor’s tax cuts, use the calculator on the Treasury website: www.treasury.gov.au/tax-cuts/calculator
Quotes attributable to Treasurer Jim Chalmers said: We’re giving a tax cut to every taxpayer in 2024. This is about more help with the cost-of-living and more help for middle Australia.
"This is the right and responsible thing to do - to deliver more relief for more workers without adding to inflationary pressures or burdening the budget.
Member for Robertson, Dr Gordon Reid MP said: "Cost of living is a significant issue for our community on the Central Coast. A competent government listens and adapts to make things better, when needed.
"Addressing cost of living pressures is my number one priority and when economic circumstances change, the right thing to do is adapt your economic policy.
"From July 1, every Australian taxpayer will get a tax cut. We will deliver a tax cut that benefits more Australians, and we are doing it in a way that is fair and responsible.
"A bigger tax cut for more people to help with the cost of living. This is good news for the Central Coast."


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