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The female team at Gosford Racing. The female team at Gosford Racing. Featured
28 November 2023 Posted by 


Females fill major roles at Gosford
GREYHPUND Racing in NSW has demonstrated its commitment to increasing employment opportunities for women in non-traditional roles with a landmark meeting at Gosford.
For the first time in the history of greyhound racing in NSW, and for the sport in Australia, the main roles at a meeting have been filled by females.
At the October meeting at Gosford on track veterinarian Emily Streckfuss plus stewards Louise Warren, Madi Watson and Steff Richards were appointed by the Greyhound Welfare & Integrity Commission (GWIC) to work alongside starter Kira Bennett, swab official/judge Anne-Marie Jarvis and supervisor Donna Richards.
GWIC, the independent regulator which ensures racing is conducted in accordance with the Greyhound Racing Act 2017 and the Greyhound Racing Rules, has an increasingly strong presence of females acting as race day officials.
Of the 25 veterinarians at GWIC, two of the full-time and 11 of the casual positions are filled by females, while seven of the team of 34 stewards are female.
For Steff Richards, who joined the Commission 12 months ago and has been part of the stewards’ team for three months, being part of a history-making team of female officials at Gosford was a moment which filled her with pride.
“Having the opportunity to be part of a history-making event, with females in the main positions at a race meeting, it’s incredible. I would never have imagined this happening,” she said.
“The whole GWIC team has been very welcoming, and I look forward to seeing where this career takes me.”
Richards and her colleagues are proof positive that GWIC, and the state’s greyhound industry as a whole, are dedicated to diversity, equity and inclusion.
Greyhound racing is growing in numbers and popularity across the state, providing a huge boost to employment and the economy, particularly in rural and regional communities.
For more information on GWIC and the role of stewards go to https://www.gwic.nsw.gov.au/integrity/stewarding-chief-steward
Minister for Gaming and Racing David Harris said: “The NSW Government is committed to supporting a competitive, responsible and sustainable greyhound racing industry, with the highest standards of animal welfare. GWIC oversight of the industry is crucial to this endeavour.
“We want to ensure NSW is a leader in greyhound racing welfare and integrity, in a sport that is so critical for the economy and communities in rural and regional areas.
“Importantly, NSW is leading the way in the promotion of women to important oversight roles in this industry.
“Everywhere I go as Minister for Gaming and Racing, I see women taking to the racing industry as stewards, trainers, jockeys, drivers and owners, which is great to see."
in a vibrant industry with community at its heart.”
Member for Gosford, Liesl Tesch said: 
“It is fantastic to see women in all main roles at the recent Gosford meeting, leading the way in this space. Until we have representation of women in all spaces, the gender pay gap will continue to impact women for generations to come.
“This is a space that has traditionally been so male dominated, it is wonderful to see women stepping into these spaces and thriving.
“Congratulations to the women who filled the main roles at this landmark meeting, paving the way for a stronger future for all.
“This is about equity; it is so important to have women in important roles such as this as trailblazers as we move towards making equal representation the norm."


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