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The Coast visitor economy is a priority for the Chamber. The Coast visitor economy is a priority for the Chamber. Featured
03 October 2023 Posted by 


How to optimise the visitor experience
GOSFORD Erina Business Chamber (GEBC) celebrates its 75th Anniversary in 2023 as the key business network and lobby group in the City of Gosford and surrounding suburbs.
How times have changed in those 75 years, and the current board is clearly focused on ensuring for the next 75 years, we will influence and support business in this region. 
Our vision is “to create a vibrant regional capital that will support business and the community through facilitating appropriate engagement with and between all stakeholders”.
Finally, after a long hiatus, building delays, change in local Council structure, major retail shifts to suburbs, things are changing. 
At the time of writing this, there are 16 cranes in Gosford CBD and surrounds. Significant developments, approx. 1,000 new apartments which will see a population growth of almost 2,500 people. 
GEBC is proactively working with Central Coast Council and other developers on attempting to bring Gosford CBD back to being the business capital of the Central Coast, along with recreational and hospitality to support the population growth. 
The NSW State Government recognise this and has committed funds for the next stage of the Brisbane Waterfront redevelopment. GEBC support this, but want it progressed through a Central Coast based planning authority. We are not a satellite of the Hunter, or part of Greater Sydney.
Time for a clear recognition of the Central Coast as its own Region. (Remember Covid lockdowns, or for that matter extreme weather updates).
The new University of Newcastle site in Gosford CBD, along with the regional library will see the Gosford CBD as a significant educational precent, allowing our youth to remain on the Coast when pursuing their careers. 
GEBC has recently taken on the former role of Central Coast Tourism Inc. and is now involved in guiding the support of initiatives that actively promote the Central Coast as a compelling visitor destination. 
Destination marketing inspires, excites and stirs people to dream of their next adventure by engaging with our vast geographical area, its many unique hidden gems and array of diverse experiences.
Ultimately GEBC aims to optimise the visitor experience on the Central Coast. 
GEBC is keen to support business, and we can be contacted through our website www.gebc.com.au or social media facebook.com/GEC Chamber.
Peter Lawley OAM is President of the GOSFORD Erina Business Chamber (GEBC).


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