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02 November 2023 Posted by 


Remarkable transformation for leading club
THE newly renovated venue is now open. Central Coast Leagues Club is proud to announce the completion of its multi-million-dollar refurbishment, marking a remarkable transformation.
The newly revitalised Club boasts an array of exciting additions, including 'Wildwood Dining', a family-style restaurant, 'Seed + Vine', a dynamic cafe and wine bar, and 'The Arena', a sports bar featuring an impressive 9-metre screen.
Wildwood embodies a commitment to honoring local traditions while taking culinary experiences to new heights. This communal dining hotspot beckons guests to savour a medley of delectable dishes.
Expect the unexpected as patrons are granted prime access to the culinary spectacle, with skilled chefs conjuring their gastronomic magic in an open-air theatrical kitchen.
Fuelled by a steadfast dedication to locally sourced ingredients, Wildwood masterfully melds the thrill of live cooking with the rich flavours of fresh produce, crafting an unforgettable journey through the world of cuisine.
Wildwood transcends its status as a mere restaurant; it's a welcoming haven where families can forge lasting memories. The inviting and snug ambience guarantees that both adults and children will instantly feel at ease.
What's more, a specialised kids menu and a play area are on hand to keep the youngest patrons entertained, allowing parents to relish their meals and partake in meaningful conversations. An unparalleled dining experience awaits, promising to tantalise your senses and leave a lasting, heartwarming impression.
Seed + Vine, Gosford's quintessential culinary destination, seamlessly transforms from a cosy café in the morning to an elegant wine bar by night, offering a diverse culinary experience throughout the day. Open from 7am daily, Seed + Vine welcomes guests with delectable breakfast options, fragrant coffee, and irresistible gelato.
The café also offers nutritious protein shakes and light meals, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for locals and visitors alike. As evening descends, Seed + Vine evolves into a refined wine bar, catering to wine enthusiasts with a carefully curated selection.
Accompanying the wines are delightful small bites, ensuring a complete culinary journey from appetisers to desserts. With an unwavering commitment to quality and ambience, Seed + Vine invites patrons on a culinary adventure, promising an experience that transcends the ordinary.
Arena Sports Lounge is the epitome of the ultimate game-day experience. With its impressive 9-metre LED screen and state-of-the-art audio technology, Arena delivers unparalleled live sports action.
The newly constructed central bar takes centre stage, boasting an impressive selection of 80 taps, inviting patrons to celebrate their team's triumphs in style and grandeur.
The menu, inspired by the essence of American bar culture, offers a tempting array of meticulously crafted bites, elevating your game-day experience to unparalleled heights.
Plus, every Friday and Saturday night, Arena comes alive with the beats of a professional DJ, ensuring that the excitement continues well into the night.
This transformation isn't just about new spaces; it also marks the dawn of a new era for Central Coast Leagues Club. Central Coast Leagues Club invites the community to experience this remarkable transformation and embark on a journey of culinary delight, entertainment, and unparalleled hospitality. 


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